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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Living Dead Dolls Presents Scary Tales Series 05: Little Bo Creep

To be released in June 2013. Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales Series 5: Little Bo Creep The Living Dead Dolls dark journey through the land of Fairy Tales continues with a twisted take one of it’s most famous characters: Little Bo Creep. Little Bo Creep has found her sheep, and the outcome for the little runaways was grim; her lambskin hat serves as a warning to those who might wander off and get lost. Each 10inch doll features real cloth clothing and comes complete in her own coffin.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Living Dolls Series 25 Coming in May 2013

Living Dead Dolls Series 25 As the cold nights of winter grip their icy fingers around the grey days of 2013, the longest ongoing horror themed collectible doll line in history continues with Living Dead Dolls series 25. Gretchen, Asa, Sospirare, Luna, and Cracked Jack want you to come play with them tonight…will you?

Each Living Dead Doll features real cloth clothing and has 5 points of articulation. Each is individually interred in their own coffin and comes complete with personalized death certificate.

The dolls in Series 25, from left to right in the image below are, Luna, Sospirare, Asa, Cracked Jack and Gretchen.