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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Coming Soon Living Dead Dolls Universal Monsters !

Living Dead Dolls Frankenstein and his Bride are coming in January 2013 !

You’re invited to the wedding of the century: Frankenstein and his Bride! 

The Living Dead Dolls present the couple that was truly made for each other (from exhumed corpses of course). 

Since their introduction, Frankenstein and his Bride have become one of the most popular couples in the history of the silver screen, now they become the latest additions to the Living Dead Dolls family. 

Each 10 inch figure has 5 points of articulation, wears real cloth clothing, and comes individually packaged in a collector friendly window box." 

A patchwork creation of stolen body parts and resurrected by electric current, Frankenstein’s Monster is mistakenly issued an unstable, violent criminal’s brain. Created by Henry Frankenstein, the terrifically-powerful, nearly indestructible Monster is deemed uncontrollable and is imprisoned in a dungeon. Later, drugged for examination, the Monster kills one of Frankenstein’s colleagues and escapes, exploring the countryside. After unintentionally killing a little girl, the Monster becomes the fixation of an outraged lynch mob, and schemes to revenge himself against his selfish and irresponsible creator. 

In Bride of Frankenstein it is revealed that both Henry Frankenstein and the Monster have survived the incident with the windmill. Frankenstein is reunited with his mentor, Doctor Septimus Pretorius, the latter of whom wishes to collaborate with Frankenstein, creating a mate for the Monster. Teaming up with the Monster, Pretorius arranges the kidnapping of Frankenstein’s new bride, Elizabeth, forcing Frankenstein to create the Monster’s Bride. Unfortunately, the Bride is repelled by the heart-broken Monster, convincing the latter that he, the Bride, and Pretorius should all be destroyed along with Frankenstein’s laboratory.

Series 23 - Released in September 2012


Teddy got bit by an odd kid on the playground
Winds up the kid was dead but still walking around
So now Teddy is also a zombie boy
Dressing like a bear is what he enjoys 


Agatha was once a shiny new doll
But age and decay she did befall
And now neglected and collecting dust
She views all other dolls with utter disgust 


After all her guests lie quite dead
Little Betsy was feeling so fine.
Until one by one they arose 
On a feast of her flesh they did dine.


This little ducky got dizzy
After she drank a cup of tea.
Next her limbs became heavy
And then she just couldn't see. 


A long slow burn with a venous liquid
Once it melted her face she had died
But it is impossible to keep a good doll down
And she arose from the dead as Jennocide 

Series 15 - Released in 2008


He who hath take lives without any remorse
An end to it all is just par for the course
"That is not dead, which can eternal lie,
and with strange aeons even death may die." 


He who hath take lives without any remorse An end to it all is just par for the course "That is not dead, which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die."

Countess Bathory

Walled up inside the Csejthe Castle,
Elizabeth waits to die
Condemned for the murder of nubile virgins,
she bled to beautify
Succumbing to the wrinkles of age, is what she feared the most
Now all that remains of Bathory, is a legend and her ghost 


Flamingo ate some poison mushrooms
and thought that she could fly.
She climbed the nearest flagpole
and let out an awkward cry.
"It's a mistake" her friends did plead
She let go and knew just why.
Had she tried to do it from the ground
She wouldn't have had to die. 


When the stained glass shattered
into a razor sharp rain
Judas stood beneath it
Oh what a shame. 

Spirit Board

Series 22 - Released in 2011

Peggy Goo

Original     Variant

Peggy Goo served all the cars on the lot
Customers thought she was alive, but she was not
Other waitresses wanted some tips for their pains
All Peggy Goo wants is your tasty little brains 


Original    Variant 

Convinced this sickness was caused by a disease
Menard tried to answer the dying pleas.
But when he got too close to one of the condemned
They ripped out his throat and made him one of them


 Original    Variant

Because once every now and then
The dead are gonna rise again 


Original   Variant

A bite on the arm that's all it would take.
Poor Roxie's body ran hot and did shake.
Shortly she died but soon would arise.
A mindless killing machine despite her small size.


 Original   Variant

Ava put on her raincoat and went out for the day.
She had a little toy boat in the puddles she would play.
The rain quickly turned red as teeth tore her skin.
Little Ava now undead her fate such a sin. 

Series 21 - Released in 2011


Killed by the wizard and thrust into the void
when she reemerged she was quite paranoid


Not knowing the difference between right and wrong
Pixie lived in a world where she did not belong
Playing with the creatures who should not be seen
She gave up her life to become a figurine 


When you are surrounded by shadows
And into the blackness you peer
That is where you can find Tenebre
Who lurks in the darkness we fear 


She hit many branches on the way to the ground
The breaking of bone made an awful sound
Severe blunt trauma to the chest, neck, and head
Is why this little angel was found lying dead.


A broken bat came whirling and lodged in his neck 
As player screamed in vain, "Kid hit the deck!" But 

somehow Desmodus just wouldn't die Instead he 

 grew fangs, and wings and found he could fly!

Series 20 - Released in 2010


Her grave is visited with gifts for the dead
A ritual celebration including Pan de Muertos bread
The midnight vigil held for this angelitos
To keep the memory living of our little ghost 

El Luchador Muerto

The face of muertos upon his mask
This luchador is at the top of his class
Defeating all creatures until there were none left
And so he chose to wrestle instead with death


Unintentionally bartering her soul for eternity
She made a deal with the devil quite unwittingly


Savannah was strangled
On the day of the dead
"It was a jealous boyfriend."
Someone once had said.

But the strangler was a ghost
Never to be found
And Savannah still lies silent
Deep beneath the ground. 


Stoned to death because she didn't quite fit,
Into their games, into their cliques.
She tried to run but had a trip!
Poor fallen Camilla didn't die quick.

Series 19 - Released in 2010


  Original       Variant 

In life she was thought to die from hemophilia
Back when "Christmas disease" was the name.
Her town doomed to mass hysteria
With winter came Agana, to drink somes lives away.

Sabbatha Blood 

 Original      Variant

Bitten once she now hunts to diminish her pain.
Seeking sustenance that flows in your viens.
Eyes and locks of crimson red.
Sabbatha Blood is the living dead. 



Haemon was never a nice sunny boy
But rather all fang, bloodlust and hate.
Until a nice boy learned just how to destroy
And a stake through the heart sealed his fate.


Original      Variant

Orchid is a little vampire girl
But the taste of blood makes her hurl
Because she feels ill
She never gets her fill
And is the unluckiest ghoul in the world


Original          Variant

Sinking her fangs deep in your neck
You felt your blood drained as you slept
Only a stake or the sun can turn her to dust
And bring an end to this insatiable blood lust 

Series 18 - Halloween 2009


                                                           Original             Variant                                   

A willing sacrifice on Halloween night
On the altar the blade pierced his heart
The next moon he arose and gave quite a fright
An undead servant of the black arts.


Original       Variant 

On all souls day, Calavera went insane
expiring from the sickness inside her brain.
Her only comfort now is to wander all alone
lurking in the dark collecting dead bones

Gabriella The Ghoul

 Original         Variant 

Tricks and treats on Halloween night
Are guaranteed to stir up a fright
But when Gabriella knocks
It's best to not undo your locks
Or you will end up with a bite


Original       Variant 

Ingrid caught a bat
And bit off its head.
The bat had rabies 
Now Ingrid is dead.


Original        Variant

A trick or treating our Ember did go
Flying on a broom with her black cat in tow,
Getting her candy by casting a spell
"'A witch!"' from below the children did yell.
She was captured and brought to a judge
Who with Halloween he did hold a grudge,
"'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live"', he declared
And consumed by flames is how poor Ember fared.