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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Living Dead Dolls Series 29 - The Nameless Ones

Living Dead Dolls Series 29

Would you like to play with us? A friend of a friend, a cousin's brother. Something told in a whisper, to an Uncle's friend's Mother. It didn't happen to me, but to someone I know. They swear it is true, it was on that talk show. No one knows who they are, the ones who are nameless. But the stories about them are undeniably famous. Mezco proudly presents: Living Dead Dolls Series 29!

These little horrors just want to spend some nice playtime with you, so don't be scared. They won't bite you or kill you or bury you alive... maybe. Each Living Dead Doll comes with its very own coffin and measures about 10 1/2-inches tall.

This Series 29 case contains 5 individually packaged dolls:

1x The Silent One
1x She Who Walks the Night
1x The After
1x She Who Can Not Be Named
1x The Girl in Black