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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Series 3 - Released on March 2002.

Bride of Valentine 

This cold unloved bride
Was stitched together with spare parts.
The only thing they left out of her
Was a warm, still beating heart.


Diving off the stage,
Sheena landed on her head.
She has risen from the grave,
Because punk's not dead.


Lilith loved all things goth,
Which forced her way into eternal sloth.
Now she's damned to wake each night,
To feast on blood till morning light.


Lottie ate a pound of aspirin
That went straight to her head.
She pretended they were sweets
Instead of treats for the dead.


On the midway of Hell
Schitzo died of laughter.
Now he turns each show
Into a bloody disaster.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chucky Coming in October 2012 !

Mortally wounded, Charles Lee Bay, otherwise known as the Lakeside Strangler, attempts to holdthe cops at bay by fortifying himself in a toy store. Lacking any other recourse he performs a voodoo ritual which enables him to transfer his soul into another body; unfortunately the only available host is a nearby Good Guy Doll. Charles Lee's lifeless body is located shortly afterwards, and it is believed that the rampage of the Lakeside Strangler has become to an end.

 The Good Guy Doll is purchased by an unsuspecting Karen Barclay for her son, Andy. Charles Lee, " Chucky ", reveals his true identity to Andy and uses him as transport to revenge himself against his former accomplices.

 Chucky consults his voodoo mentor in the hopes of restoring his soul to a human body and learns that Andy is the only compatible host. He finally abandons the Good Guy facade altogether and transforms into a fles-and-blood Chucky doll , attacking anyone between reach with any available weapon, preferably a ceremonial dagger or a butcher knife.

Friday, August 17, 2012

SDCC 2012 Living Dead Dolls Resurrection are here !!

SDCC 2012 Living Dead Dolls

Mezco released their Living Dead Dolls Resurrection series 6 on Preview Night.

The idea behind the Resurrection dolls is to take the most popular dolls from previous series and remke them with glass-like eyes and more luxurious outfits. The latest dolls are:

With the wings of a night creature.

With an elaborate new outfit.

With reimagined facepaint and a shocking new hairstyle.

Ms. Eerie:
With a stylish new hat and period dress.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Exclusives: Scary Tales: Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast were released as part of the exclusive Scary Tales Series.

“….as Beauty stared at the drooling, hulking, misshapen Beast before her, his cold, mismatched eyes glared down into hers and she felt a scream rise in her throat.”

Entombed in this horror by a single red rose
Two beings share a fate that neither one chose
Each one trapped by the other wanted to be released
But who is the real beauty and who is the real beast

Monday, August 13, 2012

Living Dead Dolls Minis Series 06 - Series 16 Variant

These Living Dead Dolls series 06, Halloween themed set, consist of mini versions of previously released 9" series 16: Eleanor, Pumpkin, Mishka,  Squeak and Isabel. Each doll comes in a variant orange and black and a creepy mask.

Series 2 - Released on October 2001.

Deadbra Ann


Maimed by jealous rivals on prom night,
Turned queen to carcass by morning night.
Deadbra Ann is back without a breath.
To turn each into a dance of death 


E - is for everything hateful inside.
V- is for vengeance and unholy pride.
I - is for infidels should be eaten by ghouls.
L- is for lustfully disposing of fools. 

Lizzie Borden 

Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks.
And when she saw what she had done, 
She gave her father forty-one. 

Lou Sapphire

He died by flame,
But has returned.
His clothes quite cool,
And sould will burn.

Schooltime Sadie 

To the parents of Sadie:
We are concerned about your daughter's 
participation in school or lack there off. She seems to have become morbidly pale and has developed an obsession with sharp objects.
Also, we are worried about her grooming habits, lately she seems to reek of death.

- Professor Nuccio

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Living Dead Dolls 2" Figurines Series 2

They're coming in October. These blind boxed figures come sealed in " body bags ". The surprise stays secret until you open the box.

The characters are:

Grace of the Grave
Frozen Charlotte

New Series 24

Living Dead Dolls series 24 are here ! . You can get them here. Take a look :



Yuki Onna



Friday, August 10, 2012

Series 1 Birth of the Living Dead - Released on March 2001


The first Living Dead Doll ever created. 

No one cared how she turned up dead.
So Sadie chose to rise instead.
Being easily forgotten wouldn't be fair,
Death was something this child had to share. 


Sweet little Sin consumed by flames at seven, 
Better to forever serve in hell, than grow up
and play in heaven. 


Poor little Posey, was buried alive.
Some things won't stay dead, even after they've died. 


The first official Living Dead Doll exclusive was a blood-spattered, offered at Chiller Theater. 

A blue version of the Eggzorcist was produced in 2003, for a Living Dead Dolls convention. All 3,000 units were sold out that day. 

The doll was sealed in a black bag, that you had to open in order to revealed either regular or blood-spattered version. 

A drawstring used to fasten ears of a rabbit, 
put this little bunny in a kiddie casket. 


And then there was Damien with a soul as empty as 
his eyes, 
this wee little lad pronounced D.O.A. was already
dead inside.