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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chucky Coming in October 2012 !

Mortally wounded, Charles Lee Bay, otherwise known as the Lakeside Strangler, attempts to holdthe cops at bay by fortifying himself in a toy store. Lacking any other recourse he performs a voodoo ritual which enables him to transfer his soul into another body; unfortunately the only available host is a nearby Good Guy Doll. Charles Lee's lifeless body is located shortly afterwards, and it is believed that the rampage of the Lakeside Strangler has become to an end.

 The Good Guy Doll is purchased by an unsuspecting Karen Barclay for her son, Andy. Charles Lee, " Chucky ", reveals his true identity to Andy and uses him as transport to revenge himself against his former accomplices.

 Chucky consults his voodoo mentor in the hopes of restoring his soul to a human body and learns that Andy is the only compatible host. He finally abandons the Good Guy facade altogether and transforms into a fles-and-blood Chucky doll , attacking anyone between reach with any available weapon, preferably a ceremonial dagger or a butcher knife.

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