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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Series 4 - Released in September 2003


Tiny Inferno liked to play with black magic,
Until she met her demise so tragic.
She conjured a demon she could not control,
Angry and starving he devoured her soul. 


Placed under a voodoo curse,
It was an evil spell he could not reverse.
A soul trapped behind lifeless eyes,
All things alive are now despised.

Ms. Eerie

Lonely Ms. Eerie
Lies in her coffin alone.
Little does she realize,
The funeral she attends is her own.


Locked away forever insane,
The doctors came and removed her brain.
She died on the table by morning light,
Now in search of a mind she wanders the night.


She skated towards the concrete stairs,
Hearing the many shouted dares.
Then she tumbled straight to Hell,
Into her own little grave our dear Lulu fell.

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