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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Series 23 - Released in September 2012


Teddy got bit by an odd kid on the playground
Winds up the kid was dead but still walking around
So now Teddy is also a zombie boy
Dressing like a bear is what he enjoys 


Agatha was once a shiny new doll
But age and decay she did befall
And now neglected and collecting dust
She views all other dolls with utter disgust 


After all her guests lie quite dead
Little Betsy was feeling so fine.
Until one by one they arose 
On a feast of her flesh they did dine.


This little ducky got dizzy
After she drank a cup of tea.
Next her limbs became heavy
And then she just couldn't see. 


A long slow burn with a venous liquid
Once it melted her face she had died
But it is impossible to keep a good doll down
And she arose from the dead as Jennocide 

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