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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Coming Soon Living Dead Dolls Universal Monsters !

Living Dead Dolls Frankenstein and his Bride are coming in January 2013 !

You’re invited to the wedding of the century: Frankenstein and his Bride! 

The Living Dead Dolls present the couple that was truly made for each other (from exhumed corpses of course). 

Since their introduction, Frankenstein and his Bride have become one of the most popular couples in the history of the silver screen, now they become the latest additions to the Living Dead Dolls family. 

Each 10 inch figure has 5 points of articulation, wears real cloth clothing, and comes individually packaged in a collector friendly window box." 

A patchwork creation of stolen body parts and resurrected by electric current, Frankenstein’s Monster is mistakenly issued an unstable, violent criminal’s brain. Created by Henry Frankenstein, the terrifically-powerful, nearly indestructible Monster is deemed uncontrollable and is imprisoned in a dungeon. Later, drugged for examination, the Monster kills one of Frankenstein’s colleagues and escapes, exploring the countryside. After unintentionally killing a little girl, the Monster becomes the fixation of an outraged lynch mob, and schemes to revenge himself against his selfish and irresponsible creator. 

In Bride of Frankenstein it is revealed that both Henry Frankenstein and the Monster have survived the incident with the windmill. Frankenstein is reunited with his mentor, Doctor Septimus Pretorius, the latter of whom wishes to collaborate with Frankenstein, creating a mate for the Monster. Teaming up with the Monster, Pretorius arranges the kidnapping of Frankenstein’s new bride, Elizabeth, forcing Frankenstein to create the Monster’s Bride. Unfortunately, the Bride is repelled by the heart-broken Monster, convincing the latter that he, the Bride, and Pretorius should all be destroyed along with Frankenstein’s laboratory.

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