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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Series 9 - Released in 2006

Elisa Day 

Original    Variant

From the wound in her head,
The red blood does flow.
She was found down by the river,
Where the red roses grow.

Toxic Molly

Original     Variant 

After all the mass cremation
Bringing about man's damnation,
Toxic Molly survived the devastation
And is reborn again through radiation.


Original     Variant

Bit by a zombie, she died and was put in the ground.
At first light the next day she was walking around.
She'll chomp on the living 'til they splatter a bunch.
Flesh, entrails and gray matter, she likes to munch.
Awake from her dirt nap, with not even a yawn,
She arose and is known as Dead little Dawn.


Original     Variant

She missed the ones
Who had left her,
So she held her breath
Until true blue.
Soon she was to find out
This simply wouldn't do;
These antics became a bore.
Craving her beloved dead,
She drank a cup of bleach
And laid down in her bed.


Original     Variant

She tripped and struck her head.
No one cared to inform her

That she was close to dead.
They tried to open her skull
To relieve her swelling brain,
But despite all their efforts,
Purdy died in vain. Now she roams the hospital In a ghostly daze Haunting sick little dolls With her undead gaze

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