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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Series 16 - Halloween 2008


 Original   Variant 

So ironic to be attacked
By wolves on Halloween
For to be one of the pack
Was Mishka's one dream


Original      Variant 

"Do I really need these disgusting eyes?"
Isabel cried.
"I am much prettier wearing this disguise,"
Isabel sighed.
And with the sharp end of a stick
Isabel pried,
And with one last bloody flick
Isabel died


Original     Variant

Laid to rest in the great pumpkin patch
He must have come from a very bad batch
With evil intent, his machete and mask
Back from beyond with death as his task


Original     Variant

Poisoned by candy
Squeak met her demise
Loaded with sugar
Now covered in flies





Listen to our poor little Eleanor moan
As she wanders looking for her home
She sounds like haunting strings on a violin
Won't you please welcome this ghost girl in

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