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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Series 20 - Released in 2010


Her grave is visited with gifts for the dead
A ritual celebration including Pan de Muertos bread
The midnight vigil held for this angelitos
To keep the memory living of our little ghost 

El Luchador Muerto

The face of muertos upon his mask
This luchador is at the top of his class
Defeating all creatures until there were none left
And so he chose to wrestle instead with death


Unintentionally bartering her soul for eternity
She made a deal with the devil quite unwittingly


Savannah was strangled
On the day of the dead
"It was a jealous boyfriend."
Someone once had said.

But the strangler was a ghost
Never to be found
And Savannah still lies silent
Deep beneath the ground. 


Stoned to death because she didn't quite fit,
Into their games, into their cliques.
She tried to run but had a trip!
Poor fallen Camilla didn't die quick.

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