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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Series 19 - Released in 2010


  Original       Variant 

In life she was thought to die from hemophilia
Back when "Christmas disease" was the name.
Her town doomed to mass hysteria
With winter came Agana, to drink somes lives away.

Sabbatha Blood 

 Original      Variant

Bitten once she now hunts to diminish her pain.
Seeking sustenance that flows in your viens.
Eyes and locks of crimson red.
Sabbatha Blood is the living dead. 



Haemon was never a nice sunny boy
But rather all fang, bloodlust and hate.
Until a nice boy learned just how to destroy
And a stake through the heart sealed his fate.


Original      Variant

Orchid is a little vampire girl
But the taste of blood makes her hurl
Because she feels ill
She never gets her fill
And is the unluckiest ghoul in the world


Original          Variant

Sinking her fangs deep in your neck
You felt your blood drained as you slept
Only a stake or the sun can turn her to dust
And bring an end to this insatiable blood lust 

1 comment:

  1. I have a series 19 Orchid variant with a factory error. She has no stake through the heart. My daughter is interested in selling it and I was wondering where I would go to sell it. It did not sell on Ebay.
    Thank you