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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Series 21 - Released in 2011


Killed by the wizard and thrust into the void
when she reemerged she was quite paranoid


Not knowing the difference between right and wrong
Pixie lived in a world where she did not belong
Playing with the creatures who should not be seen
She gave up her life to become a figurine 


When you are surrounded by shadows
And into the blackness you peer
That is where you can find Tenebre
Who lurks in the darkness we fear 


She hit many branches on the way to the ground
The breaking of bone made an awful sound
Severe blunt trauma to the chest, neck, and head
Is why this little angel was found lying dead.


A broken bat came whirling and lodged in his neck 
As player screamed in vain, "Kid hit the deck!" But 

somehow Desmodus just wouldn't die Instead he 

 grew fangs, and wings and found he could fly!

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