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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Series 13 - Released in 2007


Jacob with his ladder
Climbed right out of hell
Now he carries it with him
Wherever he does dwell
For those who walk beneath it
Bad luck through the years
Them and all their loved ones
In an ocean full of tears.


It is said when an umbrella is dropped in a house
A murder will be certain to follow
Some find this rare superstition
An incredibly hard pill to swallow
But Morgana can tell you first hand,
And this should come as no shock,
She was repeatedly beaten with her umbrella
And now lies six feet below in a box


Being a voyeur of the wicked cost her so dearly
She died seeing all that was evil so clearly
Now she is back from the dead anew
Looking to share her cursed point of view


"Mirror Mirror on the wall
How much bad luck can you install?"
"Seven years of terror you will befall
On this broken face of a doll."


Upon her nightgown
Its long black claws did latch
So allergic, her breath stolen
With a single scratch.

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