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Find More Living Dead Dolls
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Series 14 - Released in 2007

Daisy Slae

The elements claimed her slowly
And she ceased to sing and play
But to spite natural law
And the powers that be
She arose from the dead…Daisy Slae


She thinks she was resurrected
So the world could go on living
Suicide to end them all
Is the gift she keeps on giving

Alison Crux

Alison loved to play in revolving doors
Until one day she got stuck
No one saw her on the floor
Of all the rotten luck.

Dee K. 

Sweet little rotten Dee K.
Loved to finger paint throughout the day
In her victim's blood she would dip her finger
And draw putrid scenes of the bodies that linger


With a gag over his mouth and a chopped off hand
The Great greGORY has lost all control
He channeled the dead through his dummy
And they are taking over his mind, body and soul

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